I love your skin

“Hey A! I love your skin. It is so smooth and beautiful… and protective and low-profile… and now on sale!”

“Umm thanks?”

Dude, I’m talking about the bamboo skin protecting the back-side of your iPhone. I really like it, man.

“Ohhhhhhh ok. Yes, the bamboo skin is quite awesome.”

I have personally used both the bamboo skin and the bamboo case on my iPhone 4 for the last few months. Because I live in LA and I drive everywhere, I don’t carry a bag with me because everything I need is in my car. So I usually stuff my phone, wallet, keys, chapstick into my pockets when I arrive at my destination. I prefer the bamboo skin because while it protects my iPhone, the low-profile also looks and feels great.

I want more people to experience the rethinkbamboo iPhone skin. Thus, I am dropping the price of the bamboo skin! I hope you will like it too.


Wearing Bamboo

Those of us who own rethinkbamboo phone accessories know that we have beautiful 100% responsibly sourced bamboo somewhere close to our bodies at any given moment – whether we keep our phones in our pockets, in our purses, in our pocket purses, or in our purse pockets!

But what if you could WEAR bamboo? And use rethinkbamboo products to help you see? Wooooo kinda cool, right?

More details soon…


Looking to the Future..

On this very auspicious day of 12/12/12, we are very excited about the future as rethinkbamboo is adding to its inventory so that there will always be enough product on-hand to serve your eco-needs.

As you know, the mission of rethinkbamboo is to provide you with high-quality products while promoting positive social and environmental conditions both home and abroad. And we are working hard figuring out how to expand our product line while doing more good here at home. With that in mind 2013 looks to be very exciting as we are launching our most ambitious project yet!

We haven’t nailed down all of the moving parts so it’s difficult to get into details, but rest assured that our project will be responsibly sourced abroad while creating economic opportunities for those who need it most here at home.

Please continue to check back with us for additional project information and updates. As always, we can be reached 25/8 at getinfo [at] rethinkbamboo [dot] com.

Thanks for reading our post. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


What do you believe in?

Much gratitude and appreciation are in order for everyone who has helped rethinkbamboo get this far. It’s really amazing that so many of our friends believe in “paying it forward”. I mean, we always knew our friends were awesome but they delivered with countless hours of operational advice, ideas bouncing, product photography, website design, etc. They believed in our business and for that we are very grateful.

We also believe in our business. We believe in why the business was founded. And we believe in individual and corporate social responsibility as stated in the About Us section, rethinkbamboo wants “to provide you with high-quality products while promoting positive social and environmental conditions both home and abroad.”

Finally and without getting too preachy, we believe that people and places have the ability to change. There are those who refuse to purchase products from China because of labor/environmental/political/economic/social/etc concerns, which we completely understand. We have lived in China, we know, and we get it.

However, we believe that shunning China does not somehow magically lead to reform. Reform takes work, it takes education, it takes active engagement, and it takes businesses both large and small to demand responsibility every step of the way or else we look elsewhere.

How does that happen? We’re not experts and there’s no white papers here, but one way is to continue supporting businesses like ours who are trying to do things the right way. Tell your friends about us, buy our products, demand more transparency from other companies – ask them why they don’t tell you where they source from, do they know, do they even care. Start that conversation.

That’s what we believe. What do you believe in?


iPhone Bamboo Skins

I know some of you don’t like using cases: hard, soft, plastic, rubber, whatever. You prefer slipping your phone into your suit jacket, front pocket, clutch, or evening bag. Totally understand. Different folks, different strokes.

That’s why rethinkbamboo also carries Bamboo Skins for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. For those who prefer a lower profile look and feel while also protecting the back of your phone from liquids, bbq sauce, or whatever your hands just touched. Now you can lay your phone down on the conference table, dinner table, or bar counter, and rest assured the Bamboo Skin will protect your valuable investment.

As you can see from the third picture below, when the phone lays down flat it doesn’t even seem like anything is there. Magic? Nope. Just good design.


iPhone 4 Bamboo Skin





iPhone 5 Bamboo Skin

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iPhone 4 Bamboo Case

If you’re like me and your mobile phone contract hasn’t expired yet, then you’re probably still rocking the iPhone 4/4S and you know what there’s nothing wrong with that. Most likely you want your iPhone to continue being awesome until your contract expires in a few months or years. What kind of case protects your mobile-life now? Does it turn heads or receive random compliments all while made out of sustainably forested bamboo?

If not, check out the bamboo case on A’s very own iPhone 4S. The case is made from 100% bamboo, there are no metal screws or plastic bib-jabs involved. There is a very thin velvet-like material that lines the inside of the case to protect the back of the iPhone from inadvertent scratches and everyday wear-and-tear.

And the best thing is that it’s extremely easy to install. Unlike other cases on the market, you don’t need to contort the case into another shape to wedge in your iPhone. You don’t need long nails or a popsicle stick to wedge your phone out either. The iPhone 4 Bamboo Case comes in two pieces; slide your iPhone into the top piece and then slide the bottom piece in, and off you go turning heads.

rethinkbamboo. Drama free. Sustainable. Head turning. Detect a theme?






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Product samples are almost here..

We here at rethinkbamboo are super excited because we are just days away from receiving our first custom designed set of bamboo iPhone accessories.

Lightweight bamboo iPhone cases to protect your mobile investment from dings, scratches, and drops. It’s a great conversation starter made from 100% bamboo. Plus it looks like nothing else on the market and sure to turn a few heads-at the gym, on the subway, in the coffee shop, at the gallery opening, checking in at happy hour…

If you like to go with something more low-profile, we will also be receiving 100% bamboo iPhone skins. What’s the difference between cases and skins? Cases encompass the iPhone while skins protects the back of the iPhone from cracks, dings, and whatever our hands have touched last. Skins give off a low-profile look, almost like a just-out-of-the-box iPhone (do you still remember that feeling?!) but with a sturdy 100% bamboo skin on the back. Pretty cool huh?

Keep calm and pics coming soon..

Tell us more about rethinkbamboo

- What is the meaning of the company name? The goal here is to rethink the ways bamboo could be used (or substituted for) in our everyday products. Bamboo is an amazing, versatile, and sustainable woody material.

- Why bamboo? Bamboo is much more eco-friendly than traditional varieties of wood. Cultivating a mature bamboo plant take approximately 5-7 years, whereas the average cultivation for a tree is anywhere from 17-30 years.

- Where is the bamboo sourced from? The bamboo is sourced directly from the lush bamboo forests of rural China. The bamboo forest is strategically managed for continued sustainable growth.

- I am concerned about labor conditions in rural China. Are the factory workers treated fairly? Yes. The factories that we work with care for its workers by providing a proper living wage, on-site housing, and basic medical services. Some factories also provide employment opportunities for developmentally disabled citizens from the local community.

- That sounds good and all, but will you always source responsibly? Yes. Absolutely. No exceptions. rethinkbamboo was founded as a responsible social enterprise and sources only from factories that practice sustainable foresting techniques and engage in fair labor conditions. We know who we source from. We don’t involve random middlemen, agents, or consultants. To source from anywhere else would run counter to the very ethos that rethinkbamboo was founded upon. At the end of the day, we here at rethinkbamboo want to provide you with high-quality products while promoting positive social and environmental conditions both home and abroad.